Event Report ”Umikatsu”

『海活』活動 Past Events

Summer is in full swing, everyone, and I hope you all are enjoying your summer days with blue skies and brilliant sunshine.

I would like to report the Umikatsu event tonight. We had a very successful first beach cleaning event on the date of August 7th, 2022 / 11AM – 1PM  at John Lawson Park West Vancouver, Ambleside.

We had 27 participants all together and they were multiple aged people and many families with children joined us, as well.

We spent about one hour cleaning the beach and then gathered at one place for the event discussion time.

We prepared the large buckets; however, we had no problem filling them up with trash we collected. We were all surprised by how quickly we could gather and pile up the trash.

Takuya Hikita led the event and his company,
TSUKIJI FISH MARKET Inc. is a company that connects people, the world, and nature through activities in the sea (Umi-katsu).

The theme is ” treat global issues as your own”..” The “Umi-katsu” program provides a safe place where participants can think and talk about various events that occur in Japan, Canada, and worldwide as if they were their personal affairs.

Takuya (I) talked about the ocean, marine products, and food, which I specializes in,to encourage respect for the connections between people and things and the desire to take action on their own.

Miki Takabayashi with her company, AK JUMP Educational Consulting Inc. co-sponsored the event and tried to disseminate the importance of inclusiveness in life. Listening to what other people say and respecting different opinions are the key elements of Miki’s messages through the event.

We had good feedback from the participants.

  • Very fun event
  • Enjoyable family activity
  • Some said they wanted to start an environmental event like this but had no chances before. Glad to join the event.
  • Many of them expressed wanted to do it regularly as a group
  • Try at different beaches in the future
  • One said that I felt like my heart became cleaner after cleaning the beach.
  • Many noted that they really enjoyed connecting with new people through the activities.

Next event is planned on September 11th.
The team is recruiting volunteers to run the group and activities! Please reach out to us@JCCOC Office( https://jc-coc.org)anytime!