BC州ニューウェストミンスター市と大阪府守口市の姉妹都市記念イベント オンラインユース交流会第二弾開催

JCCOC Youth Online Session 2nd News
JCCOC Youth Online Session 2nd




企画:Karen Baker-MacGrotty
運営:Mari Kato

New Westminster in BC, Canada and Moriguchi in Osaka, Japan will mark their 60th anniversary of the first sister cities between Canada and Japan in 2023. The Japan Canada Chamber of Commerce has conducted the second Youth Online Session for young participants from Canada and Japan on May 14th, 2022. It was expanded into a 90-minute session reflecting feedback from the participants of the previous 60-minute session.

Out of the total 33 participants, some from the previous session seemed to be more relaxed and used to talking in both English and Japanese. New participants were a bit nervous at first; however, they didn’t need 10 minutes to start enjoying the interaction. 

According to the post-session survey, 50% of respondents said they now want to study Japanese/English as a second language while 94 % of them are already interested in coming back to the next session.

JCCOC will continuously offer a series of events to connect youth in Canada and Japan under the sister city project in the future. The next Youth Online Session is scheduled in September 2022.
Organizer:Karen Baker-MacGrotty
Facilitator:Mari Kato

JCCOC Sister City Initiative Youth Online Session 2nd
JCCOC Sister City Initiative Youth Online Session 2nd