JCCOC・JETAABC共催『Edomae in Spring』開催のお知らせ(1月28日 午後2時よりUBC Acadia Parkにて)




疋田拓也氏は、マリンバイオロジーを専攻し、大学卒業後、10年超の築地市場セリ人経験を経て、現在バンクーバーエリアに美味しく種類豊富な日本の魚を提供している魚のプロです。世界でも有数の魚市場・築地のお話や、旬の魚やその美味しい食べ方について、直に教えていただきます。本イベントは第二回目となりますが、第一回目とはまた異なる内容も多いため、是非とも奮ってご参加ください! 詳細は添付をご参照ください。

担当:JCCOC理事 渡部句美子

2023 Presentation by Mr. Takuta Hikita

Come join us at the upcoming presentation by Mr. Takuta Hikita. 

Mr. Hikita is a former auctioneer of high-end fish at Tsukiji Market for over 10 years.  Combined with a Marine Sciences degree, he became an expert in the luxury seafood market. When he first moved to Vancouver in 2018, he realized that he couldn’t find the types of fish that his family loved to eat in Japan. So, he decided to start his own company to share his passion for these Japanese fish and bring them into Vancouver market.  He delivers the freshest seasonal ingredients from Japan (‘shun no sakana’) to restaurants and vendors across the city.

This is a free, joint event organized by JCCOC & JETAABC.

Registration Deadline: Friday, January 27, 2022.
Date: Saturday, January 28, 2022
Time: 2:00 – 3:30 pm (Doors open 1:45 pm)
Location: UBC Acadia Park Commonsblock (2707 Tennis Crescent, Vancouver, BC V6T 1S1)

Parking information: All parking spots in UBC Acadia Park are either reserved for residents or to be purchased hourly. Payment can be made through the Honk Mobile App or at pay machines and meters with cash and credit cards. The weekend rate for the closest parking is $1 per 30 minutes (Honk Mobile Zone 5618).

For questions, please reach out to Tai at tai@jetaabc.ca.

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