About JC-COC

Our Mission

The mission of The Japan-Canada Chamber of Commerce is to facilitate and promote business relations between Japanese and Canadian companies, and to encourage and recognize the activities of entrepreneurs, large and small, within the Japanese-Canadian community.

They offer their members opportunities to learn and network within a supportive environment, and foster the highest standards of community leadership and cooperation.

They believe that it is very important that Japanese companies operating in Canada participate in local events through local business groups in order to learn about government policies and plans for the future.


July, 2003

The five founders, Economic Consul of Japan in Vancouver Mr. Tomoo Isaka (2003), Daishowa Marubeni International President Mr. Tokiro Kawamura (2003), JETRO Vancouver General Manager Mr. Nobuyuki Nakamura (2003), Vancouver Shinpo President Ms. Saeko Tusda and Pacific Western Brewing President Ms. Kazuko Komatsu established The Japan-Canada Chamber of Commerce.

October, 2003

Commemoration of The Establishment of The Japan-Canada Chamber of Commerce.

July, 2005

Establishment of The Joint-Membership with The Burnaby Board of Trade.

Founder and President’s Message

All members of Japan Canada Chamber of Commerce
The Japan-Canada Chamber of Commerce was registered with the Ministry of Industry of Canada in 2003 as the only federally registered Japanese Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Canada. The majority of our members are comprised of corporate and individual members and also those who are interested in business between Japan and Canada, mostly based in Canada. Our mission is to encourage and develop business relationships, not only in the Japanese community but with other various communities within our multi-cultural society. Also, we wish to contribute to society through our activities and cooperate with the community to be better citizens and develop long term friendships.

We have executed our mission step by step. In 2003, the cooperation agreement between JC-COC and Chinese Entrepreneurs Society of Canada was made. In 2005, in order to advance our mission to local Canadian society, we established a joint membership with the Burnaby Board of Trade. Consequently, we have been involved in a variety of events which have helped to develop the well balanced, multi-cultural business and friendly society that we share.

In 2014, we built some large bridges between Japanese Companies and our members. Now we are expanding with new, stronger relationships and many new members and directors. We welcome you to our team and look forward to establishing new ties.

Japan- Canada Chamber of Commerce