“High Tea Sushi” networking event
On March 27, 2013,  BBOT’s High Tea Sushi networking event was held at the Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre with special guest Seiji Okada, the new Consul General of Japan in Vancouver.
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“High Tea Sushi” ネットワーキングリセプション

2013年3月27日、Burnaby Board of Trade主催、日本―カナダ商工会議所協力で、「High Tea Sushi – ネットワーキングリセプション」がバーナビー市の日系センターで開催されました。

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Burnaby Board of Trade 主催、日本・カナダ商工会議所協力によって、クリスティ・クラークBC州首相の昼食講演会がバーナビーのヒルトン・ホテルで開かれました。

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Business Law Informational Seminar

On November 20th, 2012, the Japan-Canada Chamber of Commerce held a business law informational seminar, hosted by Mr Victor Tsao, lawyer and trademark agent at Farris.

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Former Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary to the Government of Japan, Mr. Teijirou Furukawa A Ten-Year Outlook on Japan’s Future & How Will Japan Interact in the World Forum?

About Mr. Teijiro Furukawa:
– Longest Deputy CCS in history; Supported five Prime Ministers (Murayama, Hashimoto, Obuchi, Mori, Koizumi) during his 8 years and 7 months in office.
– Following the collapse of the bubble economy, emerged as a key leader by aiding the Japanese Government through political, economic and social hardships faced by the country.
– Highly regarded by the Prime Minister’s office as a “Noted Mediator” with deep insight and powerful leadership skills.
Location: Terminal City Club (837 West Hastings Street, Vancouver)
Date: May 16th, 2008, Reception opens at 5:30pm, Dinner at 6:30pm Admission Rates: JC-COC member $35 (up to one guest per member at member rates) Non-member $50 (including GST and Service Charge)

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JCCOC Networking Event

On, October 10th, 2012, we had an opportunity to mingle with our friends: Consul Naomi Namatame & Consul Yoshiyuki Tomi, Mr Noriyuki Uchiya (CBSA) & Mr Keisuke Tsujimoto (JOGMEC) at Minami Japanese Restaurant. 

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日加商工会議所主催 親睦会

2012年10月10日、日加商工会議所では会員相互の交流親睦を図るために、 当会顧問の生田目尚美経済担当領事をはじめ、着任されたばかりの富義之領事班領事、 日本国税関の打矢徳幸氏、さらに先日の年次総会でご講演下さったJOGMECバンクーバー事務所の辻本圭助所長をお招きし、 親睦会(立食形式)をMinamiレストランで開催しました。

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